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  • 17th - 19th Nov, 2023
  • Fairmont The Palm
  • Dubai
“I am thrilled to present you AIA. This is a landmark event for AirlinePros where we bring together leaders and our partners from the aviation and travel industries to share their knowledge and learning with our global team and other stakeholders. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the newest trends and developments that drive the industry as we know of today and shape the future.”
Achma Asokan Foster

Group CEO,
AirlinePros International


Welcome to first AIA – AirlinePros International Assembly, at Dubai.

The first-ever edition of AIA – AirlinePros International Assembly – will be held at the Fairmont, The Palm, Dubai, from November 17 – 19, 2023.

AIA will bring together movers and shakers of the aviation industry who will engage with AirlinePros International teams from over 50 locations across the world through interactive sessions, dynamic presentations and thought-provoking discussions. Industry partners of AirlinePros like ARC, IATA, UNWTO, Dohop, Everymundo, Plusgrade, and other industry leaders will be attending the event.

This will serve as a platform to present the newest technologies, trends shaping global aviation, and analyse the challenges facing the industry. Engaging insights, discussions on possibilities and new partnerships, perspectives on innovation and sustainability will mark the conversations with experts.

At the milestone event, AirlinePros International will also be introducing new projects and initiatives which will be a gamechanger in the aviation landscape.

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AIA – Where excellence takes wings

Virtual interlining helps airlines generate an estimated $120 million in incremental revenue every year.

Explore the transformative potential of virtual interlining with David Gunnarsson as he examines the relevance and future trajectory of Multilateral Interline Traffic Agreements (MITA).

All the key stakeholders, such as destinations, airports, and airlines, must work together to ensure a smooth experience for the customer.

David Savy, former Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles, discusses the symbiotic relationship between aviation and its pivotal role in tourism growth, economic development, and customer satisfaction.

With tourism being responsible for one in every ten jobs, the need for tourism to be sustainable is beyond question.

Elcia Grandcourt, Regional Director for Africa with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, examines the potential conflicts between the aspirations of tourism growth and the imperative of sustainable environmental goals.

Product diversification is an essential strategy for future growth, with the focus being on identifying synergies within the aviation sector.

Gavin Eccles, Professor of Aviation and Tourism, proposes product diversification as an essential strategy for future growth, with a focus on identifying synergies within the aviation sector.

Airlines can now set commission percentages to the hundredth decimal, whereas they could do so only to the tenth decimal earlier.

Lauri Reishus sheds light on the innovative approaches that shape ARC & ASP, leading the charge in the evolution of Billing and Settlement Plans (BSP).

Leisure travel has increased by 20% since 2019, while corporate travel is yet to reach pre-pandemic levels.

Mike Premo delivers an incisive look at the shifting landscape of the US aviation market in the post-pandemic era, identifying challenges and opportunities.

By providing the right kind of content to customers and leveraging digital marketing, airlines can increase their direct web sales.

Join Newton Muriithi for insights into the digital revolution of direct web sales in the airline industry, turning aspirations into reality for enhanced customer engagement and profitability.

Innovation can be introduced into every step of the passenger experience in aviation.

Stephan Copart, Head of Innovation at IATA, offers a compelling presentation on the latest aviation trends and the innovative spirit powering the industry’s rapid evolution.

Even if the airline forgets it, the GSA represents their brand in the territory and should act as the airline itself would.

Willy Boulter provides a critical evaluation of General Sales Agents (GSAs), uncovering what it truly means to be effective through the lens of airline cost management versus service quality.

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Meet our speakers

Chris Engle

Chief Customer Officer,


No business class seat unoccupied – A solution for higher airline yield

David Gunnarsson

Chief Executive Officer,


Virtual interlining is the future – Is MITA en route to obscurity?

David Savy

Aviation Expert


Civil aviation, airports and airlines are a means to tourism growth and economic development

Elcia Grandcourt

UNWTO, Africa


Does tourism growth have a conflict of interest with sustainable environmental goals?

Gavin Eccles

Aviation Consultant


AirlinePros product diversification a must – Unlocking airline service’s success

Lauri Reishus

Chief Executive Officer,
Airlines Reporting Corporation


Innovation Drives the Biggest BSP Equivalent in the World

Mike Premo

Aviation Consultant,
Business Travel Hall of Fame


USA market dynamics post-pandemic

Newton Muriithi

Customer Success Manager,


Driving direct web sales for airlines – A dream come true!

Stephan Copart

Head, Digital Transformation,


Future-proofing airlines – Leading aviation trends and powering innovation

Willy Boulter

Airline Consultant


What constitutes an effective GSA – An airline’s perspective on cost versus quality



The Palm

Palm Jumeirah
An enlightening venue in the heart of the world-famous Palm Jumeirah at Dubai, with spectacular sunsets and
awe-inspiring views of the Arabian Gulf.
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