AACP (Airline ASP Coordination Program) is a unique program that provides carriers access to the lucrative United States BSP (ARC).

AACP is a variable cost solution providing airlines with access to +322 million people, a GDP of +17 trillion USD and an affluent consumer base responsible for booking over 25% of all worldwide airline tickets and 32% of global RPK’s booked via ARC accredited travel agencies.

The United States is not only the world’s largest economy, it is a nation of immigrants. This unique dynamic generates business, leisure and VFR traffic for airlines from every corner of the world.

AACP by AirlinePros

Based on a contract with ARC, AirlinePros provides legal, financial, distribution, sales and support necessary for an airline to generate sales from the ARC accredited agency channel. We provide the travel agent community customized support on behalf of each client. Services include:

  • Weekly processing services
  • Weekly wire transfer to your designated bank account
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Carrier Accounting Transmission (CAT) file
  • Preparation and electronic transmission of the Electronic Credit Card Billing (ECCB) file
  • Ability to revoke ticketing authority from any ARC-accredited agency location within 24 hours
  • One-time download of the Agency List File a data file listing all participating agencies
  • Risk management services
  • Assignment of dedicated account manager
  • Access to various on-line tools and reports
1. Become an ARC participating airline:

  • Critical Access: Lucrative distribution channels of the vast U.S. market, including over 15,000 points of sale.
  • Rich Market: ARC settles 90 Billion USD in ticketing transactions representing 1 out of every 4 airline tickets issued in the world and 1/3 of global RPKs.
  • Access to U.S. Corporate and Online Travel Agents: From the high yield corporate traveler, to popular online bookings engines, ARC’s market reach is broad.
  • Carrier Branding: ARC provides increased visibility and brand recognition throughout the world.
  • Direct Payments: Carriers receive weekly cash settlement and enjoy daily credit card processing.
  • Data Security: Carriers rely on ARC’s Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification to store and maintain the integrity of passenger ticketing data.

2. Benefit from our unique value proposition:

  • Experience: Over 20% of ARC participating airlines are AirlinePros AACP clients.
  • Guidance: Clients receive continuous guidance and support regarding the specificities of the US market and enjoy custom distribution strategies. We do not employ a “one size fits all” approach offered by many GSA / airline representation firms.
  • Channel Development: The AirlinePros AACP program improves ticket sales via key travel agency types including OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), TMCs (Travel Management Companies), CTDs (Corporate Travel Departments), Consolidators, Tour operators, Consortia or Host Agencies.
  • Outreach: To non-ARC participating agents including meeting planners and land-only operators.
  • Simplicity: AirlinePros AACP breaks down the complexity of the ARC settlement and reporting processes, and secures in a timely manner Revenue Accounting information, data interpretations and reporting about the billing and settlement of ticket sales.

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210+ Airlines in ARC

57% Online & 43% Offline carriers

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US Population

A nation of immigrants born to fly. 322 million, 3rd most populated country after China and India.

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$17.42 trillion GDP – 22% of the world’s GDP. Disposable income for travel!  

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US Airline Spend

25% of worldwide tickets written; 32% of global RPKs flown. The US is an incremental cash cow for airlines!

About ARC

ARC (Airline Reporting Corporation) is the equivalent to the IATA BSP for the United States. ARC connects 210+ airlines with the 15,000+ ARC accredited travel agents.

AirlinePros Recognition

In recognition of outstanding service and dedication to our airline clients and the travel community, AirlinePros was awarded 2009 ARC Sales Partner of the Year Award and 2015 ARC Partnership Excellence Award.