BSP Coordination & Distribution Services facilitate and simplify the logistics of selling, reporting and remitting procedures through BSP providing airlines access to a network of over 64,000 IATA accredited travel agents in 110 BSPs worldwide.  With AirlinePros data-based approach to BSP participation and airline can focus on BSPs that will provide the most financial upside.

What Is BSP?

BSP is a system designed to simplify ticket-related transactions. Airlines receive one settlement covering all agents while AirlinePros professionals assist in the selling, reporting and remitting procedures to ensure financial control and cash flow enhancement.
The electronic distribution of billing reports and generation of ADMs/ACMs via the BSPlink is a centralized and neutral system that requires fewer resources while increasing financial performance and ensuring quality controls.

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Sales Services

AirlinePros offers experienced personnel to advise airlines on the local market to develop the distribution infrastructure necessary to efficiently generate and grow sales via the travel agent community.

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Accounting & Administration

AirlinePros offers trained personnel to assist with reporting, remittance and local agent support thereby saving our clients time and resources.

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Enhanced Distribution

Access to over 64,000 IATA accredited travel agents in 110 BSPs worldwide.Expand your global sales and diversify your ticketing base. BCDS by AirlinePros. Contact Us.