Last Week on Instagram: Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine When it comes to historic European cities, destinations like Rome, Paris, Prague and Vienna come to mind. However, if you want to visit a city with great architecture, magnificent churches, [...]

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Last Week on Instagram: Macau, Indonesia & Canada

Macau Often ignored in favor of Tokyo or Hong Kong, Macau sees many tourists from other parts of Asia but not nearly as many from the US. Many American travelers discount this [...]

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Last Week on Instagram: Mexico, Greece, Russia, Turkey & Spain

Las Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico Las Grutas Tolantongo, or the Tolantongo caves, are a collection of hot spring pools built into a cliff in Hidalgo. The definition of a bucket list destination, they [...]

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Welcome to the Land of Discoveries

  Mighty Russia - the world’s largest country - spanning across nine different time zones, and with a population of over 140 million, is as vast as it is diverse. Russia is breathtaking and monumental [...]

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Welcome to the most Romantic City in the World

The modern metropolis is home to countless activities for lovers. If you are not coming with the love of your life, you may meet her or him in the romantic city of love. Spend the [...]

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Cool Cities, Endless Pampas, Rugged Peaks, and Patagonian Glaciers

There are plenty of reasons to travel to Argentina. As the third most populous country in South America, and largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, Argentina offers distinct and beautiful geography, an interesting history and [...]

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