General Sales & Marketing Services. The modus operandi of this program is simple: grow sales, protect market share, adapt. How we accomplish this is customized by supplier needs and market conditions – whether it’s elevating brand awareness, expanding distribution profile, developing programs to increase bookings, yield or a combination. Our approach begins  with a 360 degree analysis incorporating sales data, agency production, competitor assessments, market segmentation and consumer trends. From this data we develop a forecast and build a business plan to achieve market potential.

Evaluation of Sales Potential

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial in the development of a successful market strategy. We study the target audience, why they choose a particular airline and how they book travel.
In order to build sales, we approach travel agents across all segments (Online Travel Agencies, Travel Management Companies, Tour Operators, Corporate Travel Departments, Consolidators, Multi-Channel and Retail) with a clear understanding of the conditions necessary to develop a partnership.  We nurture our existing partnerships while remaining alert to opportunities and trends that will impact how consumers book travel in the future.
A competitive analysis is a critical part of your marketing plan.  We conduct in-depth research of competitors to build a full picture of how you, our airline partner, can maximize results. With this evaluation, we can establish what makes your service unique and what attributes need to be emphasized to attract your target market.

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Marketing: Plan to Action

After we complete our analysis, forecast and plan we jump into action.  This includes a combination of traditional and e-commerce activities: trade shows, print|email|e-targeting campaigns, public relations and presentations|webinars.

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Sales Activities

 AirlinePros believes in the power of relationships. There are thousands of travel agencies of various types, many more independent travel professionals. We have a strong reputation in the industry because we prioritize the needs of our clients and their customers. This approach has opened doors, established strong relationships and enabled cooperation on a level that few representation firms have replicated.

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Support: Agent Support, Reservations & Ticketing

We have a seasoned, multi-lingual staff versed in multiple CRS/GDS. AirlinePros provides dedicated  space, telephone lines and email addresses ensuring our team answers in the airline’s own identity and acts according to the airline’s rules and guidelines.

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AirlinePros offers an unmatched portfolio of services: passenger sales, marketing, call center, pricing and revenue protection and finance | accounting.
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