Las Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico

Las Grutas Tolantongo, or the Tolantongo caves, are a collection of hot spring pools built into a cliff in Hidalgo. The definition of a bucket list destination, they sit three to four hours northeast of Mexico City in a picturesque canyon.

The pools are filled with warm, naturally mineral-infused water that’s heated by the surrounding volcanic mountains. There are also caves and a tunnel to explore for a dose of adventure, a hot spring river to swim in, and a kid-friendly pool with a waterslide.

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Santorini, Crète, Greece

Santorini erupts with charm. A volcano embraced by the Aegean, this island-phenomenon in the Cyclades gives its visitors a mythical experience.

Santorini – also known as Thera in Greek – is the island immortalized by poets and painters, thanks to its celebrated light, multi-colored cliffs, and picture-perfect sunsets. On this island all senses are magnified, a product of its many contrasts: black earth against whitewashed homes clinging to the cliffside, or wild volcanic sculptures against sleek Cycladic lines.

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Lake Baikal, Russia

An ancient, massive lake in the mountainous Russian region of Siberia, Lake Baikal is considered the deepest lake in the world.

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Beautiful portrait of a woman in Turkey. Origin unknown.

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Plaza de España, Spain

The Plaza de España is a spectacle of light and majesty. Framed in the María Luisa Park, this plaza was designed by the great Seville architect Aníbal González as an emblematic space for the 1929 Ibero-American Expo. It has a total area of 50,000 square meters, without a doubt one of the most imposing plazas in Spain.

Along the entire perimeter of the plaza, there is a canal of 515 meters in length, which you can travel by boat for a truly romantic experience.

We recommend admiring the banks of tiles that represent the provinces of Spain. This has become a frequent “ritual” for Spanish visitors looking to take photographs in front of the space dedicated to their province.

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