Often ignored in favor of Tokyo or Hong Kong, Macau sees many tourists from other parts of Asia but not nearly as many from the US. Many American travelers discount this autonomous territory on the edge of mainland China as simply a mini Las Vegas, only meant for those favoring massive hotels and late nights spent gambling. But Macau has a rich culture and history, tracing its modern-day roots to the mid-16th century when Portuguese traders first settled here permanently, creating what would be part of the last remaining European colony in Asia — Macau will be autonomous until 2049 as part of a 50-year agreement made when it became a territory of China in 1999. So whether you’re into gambling, family fun or European and Asian history, it has something for everyone.

Macau has it’s own airline, Air Macau, which operates regional flights.

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Sumatra, Indonesia

Why travel to Indonesia? For sheer natural beauty, it’s hard to beat Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s less visited islands. It can be a wild place, in every sense, but Sumatra is a genuine hotspot for adventure –and it’s becoming more accessible with quick, cheap flights now crisscrossing the giant island.

Moraine Lake, Canada

The view of this turquoise lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks has been immortalized on countless postcards and on the back of 20-dollar bills in Canada.

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed scenes in Canada. The “Twenty Dollar View” takes in the turquoise lake and ten surrounding mountains. The vista was once the picture on the back of 20-dollar notes in Canada, and the nickname stuck.

Most visitors spend several hours soaking up the views and snapping pictures. The scene of rugged snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear water surrounded by larch trees is postcard-perfect. There are hiking trails around the lake and canoes for rent. The lake is only accessible June through September, as the road is blocked by snow in winter.

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