For the aviation industry.
By airline professionals.

We are a leading GSA providing representation, distribution and commercial services to the airline industry. 

AirlinePros International is an award-winning firm founded and managed by airline professionals. We have been contracted by both Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) and International Air Transport Association (IATA) to facilitate airlines access new markets and support their sales & distribution in the respective markets. Our International Management team has over 500 years of collective travel industry experience spanning many nationalities.

The journey

Our founders

James W. Foster


Achma Asokan

Group CEO

Founders James W. Foster and Achma Asokan began the AirlinePros journey as Group Systems America Inc. in 1999 in the USA. Jim began his career with Northwest Airlines and worked as Managing Director in Hongkong and Denmark. Later he returned to Hongkong as COO of Dragon Air. In 1999 Jim started his own consultancy in airline representation and distribution. Achma, a finance professional, started her career in aviation as an Interline Accounts Supervisor in Air Namibia and worked her way up to become the Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary. Subsequently, she worked with Air Seychelles in Mahe, IATA in Geneva, and American Express in the US before joining Jim in 2005.

In 2018, responding to significant demand from many clients, AirlinePros began its global expansion. Today, the AirlinePros International Global Network covers over 40 countries across 5 continents, servicing and supporting more than 60 commercial airlines.

The Core Management Partners, who are airline professionals, were carefully selected by Jim and Achma to support with the global expansion. Most of our people have been with us through the ups and downs of the industry. The COVID pandemic made us stronger, wiser and more agile. Today the tide has turned, and we are experiencing tailwinds that are taking us to newer heights, faster. We partner with professionals who share our values in delivering unparalleled value for our clients. Our global network professionals are focused on increasing revenues and reducing costs for our partners in the industry. Our expertise and experience stretch across the breadth and depth of the aviation industry including airlines, airports, travel service providers, associated industry facilitators (IATA, ARC, ICAO, ACI, etc) and the aviation regulatory environment.

To be the most trusted and innovative network of Airline Professionals.

  • Be a vibrant company respecting cultural diversity, and embracing innovative ideas.
  • Provide professional services with dedication, commitment and consistency.
  • Mobilize people and resources to generate revenue and reduce costs for our clients.
  • Offer a diverse portfolio of products and services.
  • Expand our global footprint, to maximize cost arbitrage, enhance productivity and capitalize knowledge.
  • Anticipate and nourish the changing needs of clients and consumers.
  • Practice high ethical standards and compliance.

Our Core Values


We consistently adhere to moral and ethical principles and values.


We take responsibility and ownership for our decisions, actions, performance and behaviour in achieving results and outcomes.


AVIATION – We will go the extra mile, in our continuous pursuit for excellence in achieving each purpose.


We see ourselves accurately, with a clear appreciation and openness towards new ideas, advice and feedback.


We align our individual team member’s goals, with our team goals and with our company’s goals.


Our people and processes are synchronized to deliver clear and consistent outputs from all activities.

Senior Management

Achma Asokan Foster

Group CEO

Xavier Masule

Group CFO

Corina Enciu

Group CXO

Dr. Anil Mathew Asokan

Group CTO

Anita Marie Lukhele

Group Chief International Relations

Shreyas Nanavati

CEO, AirlinePros International

Vinu Baby

CEO, AirlinePros International Service Center

Judith Kolakowski

Group Chief Administrative Officer

Col. (Retd.) Thomas Mathew

Chairman, Shared Services

Thomas Windmuller

Advisor, Industry Affairs

Marilyn Nel

Global Financial Controller

Linzi Barber

Advisor, Training & Development