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A trusted provider of airline settlement solutions for over half a century, ARC is an industry leader in air travel distribution and intelligence. By providing access to the world’s most comprehensive air transaction data, innovative technology and flexible distribution solutions, ARC helps airlines and travel agencies connect and grow. Their workflow tools and data solutions help airlines identify growth opportunities and streamline processes. ARC solutions enable travel agencies seamlessly book travel experiences for their clients. The big picture, revealed by analyzing travel trends, is leveraged to empower clients.

International Air Transport Association was set up over 70 years ago to enable airlines by simplifying processes and improving passenger convenience while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The association strives to improve understanding of the air transport industry among key policy makers by increasing awareness of the benefits aviation brings to national and global economies. Unreasonable rules and charges are challenged, regulators and governments are held to account – towards sensible regulations. Every industry stakeholder is provided with a range of products and expert services.

Among the world’s leading providers of virtual interlining technology, Dohop enables airlines to reach new customers and expand their route network by connecting with other airlines and transportation providers on the ground. Their solutions empower collaborations and partnerships between airlines, airports, rail, and road providers. With the firm belief that partnerships and innovation are critical for growth, Dohop sets out to improve travel connectivity and make distant travel dreams a reality.

EveryMundo provides real-time fare marketing solutions to more than 80 airlines worldwide, ranging from full-service carriers to LCCs, based on six continents and marketing in 35 languages. Our technology empowers airlines to instantly launch high-performance landing pages that broadcast their lowest real- time fares and deploy targeted advertisements with real-time fares across all marketing channels. EveryMundo products help airlines increase website traffic, improve conversion rate, and enhance user experience.

A pioneer in the bid-based ancillary marketplace, Plusgrade defines he category of upgrade revenue optimization. With a proprietary platform that delivers one of the fastest and most widely adopted
ancillary revenue solutions, Plusgrade makes a marked difference to the bottom line with the fastest time-to-market for a global clientele of airline and cruise partners. While expanding the premium passenger base to all airline partners, their technology also engages more passengers through branded touchpoints. A leader in ancillary revenue generation, Plusgrade helps build stronger customer relationships.

Managing the distribution file of any sized airline is a daunting task. In addition, the GDS vendor contracts are complex and contain many commercial clauses that can be overwhelming to understand. Strataconnex is a boutique consultancy that provides a range of expertise in airline
distribution strategy and negotiation support. With over 75 GDS contract negotiations for carriers of all sizes and on all continents, Strataconnex’s knowledge and vast experience will enable airlines to negotiate and review distribution strategies, GDS contracts or NDC and PSS files and more.

As we go through a challenging and volatile business environment, businesses must find ways and means to boost revenues and streamline costs to ensure viability and growth. While the Commercial/Marketing and Sales department is responsible for driving revenue, the accounting and control of revenue flows are vital for an airline’s financial health. With its solid, proven industry experience and expertise, Revenue Accounting and Control (RAC) by Relate promises the cutting-edge technology that provides airlines excellence in data management, revenue protection and superior analytics etc. for informed management decisions, boosting their commercial and financial confidence.

Verteil Technologies is a travel tech company and a leading NDC aggregator that is fully focused on disrupting the legacy airline distribution space with its new direct connect distribution system, based on IATA’s new distribution capability (NDC). Started in 2016, Verteil is spearheading this transformation with its state-of-the-art distribution system, Verteil Direct Connect (VDC). Certified under NDC by IATA (the highest rating of Level 4, and Airline Retailing Maturity Index Solution provider), VDC is a comprehensive replacement to the GDS model. Verteil has already  implemented the technology for 30+ leading global

Chargebacks911 is an end-to-end risk management and remediation firm addressing both sides of the chargeback issue – prevention/risk mitigation and representation/revenue recovery. As the first global company fully dedicated to help merchants combat post-transactional fraud, Chargebacks911 safeguards over 2.4 billion online transactions annually for clients in nearly 90 countries.

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