Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles, is a symbol of pride and progress for this idyllic archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Established in 1978, Air Seychelles has grown from a modest regional carrier to a respected international airline, embodying the vibrant spirit and rich culture of its home country. With its main hub at Seychelles International Airport in Mahé, the airline connects the secluded islands with the rest of the world, playing a crucial role in promoting tourism and economic development. The fleet of Air Seychelles is modern and efficient, featuring a mix of narrow-body and regional aircraft, including the Airbus A320neo. This selection of aircraft has been strategically chosen to serve a network that includes both short regional routes and longer international destinations.

With an average fleet age of 8 years, Air Seychelles has expanded its footprint to include key cities in Africa, Asia and Europe. This has been achieved through strategic partnerships and codeshare agreements with other major airlines such as Air India and South African Airways. These alliances not only extend the reach of Air Seychelles but also enhance its operational efficiencies and customer service capabilities. Honored as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards a record nine times in addition to receiving other awards for its cabin crew as well as Business and Economy classes, it is also the Indian Ocean region’s top-ranked airline by SKYTRAX. Air Seychelles regularly undergoes the IATA Operational Safety Audit and retains its certification as an airline that meets all possible international standards of safety.

The in-flight experience on Air Seychelles is designed to reflect the hospitality and warmth of its home country. Passengers can enjoy Creole cuisine, which captures the eclectic mix of African, European, and Asian influences that characterize Seychellois culture. The airline’s commitment to service excellence is evident in its attentive cabin crew and the personal touch they bring to every aspect of the flight experience. Air Seychelles offers a loyalty program, Seychelles Plus, which rewards frequent flyers with benefits like priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, and access to exclusive lounge facilities. The airline’s cargo services further ensure that local products can reach international markets in optimal condition, thus supporting local businesses and the wider economy. Air Seychelles has come to be a pivotal figure in supporting the national economy beyond tourism.

Sustainability is a core concern for Air Seychelles, especially given the ecological sensitivity of the region. The airline engages in various environmental initiatives aimed at minimizing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable tourism practices. These include fuel-efficient flying techniques and participation in local conservation projects, which resonate with the global and local ethos of preserving natural beauty and biodiversity. Air Seychelles therefore not only serves as a bridge connecting the Seychelles Islands to the rest of the world but also as a custodian of the islands’ unique heritage and natural beauty. Through its continuous commitment to excellence, sustainability, and cultural representation, Air Seychelles plays an integral role in the story of this enchanting archipelago, making it a key player on the global aviation stage.

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