Founded in 1962, Scottish regional airline Loganair is now operating fights to 76 domestic and regional destinations, from Bergen to Dublin and across England and Scotland. The airline operates up to 1000 flights per week.

The European Regional Airline Association (ERA) has selected Loganair as Airline of the Year in 2023 for its impressive performance, in the awards ceremony held in Innsbruck, Austria. This prestigious award stands as a testimony to its dedication to its passengers and its purpose of connecting destinations through its accommodative services.

The airline’s main hub is in Glasgow; however, the carrier also has a presence at other major airports in the UK, including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness, and Newcastle. What started with one aircraft has now expanded its fleet to more than 40 flying to destinations across Europe, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The airline continues to expand its interconnectivity and increase the frequency of its important routes to serve its loyal customers with quality services. Loganair serves more than 30 airports in the UK.

Loganair is one of the largest airlines in the UK based on passenger numbers and fleet size. The airline’s fleet consists of aircraft ATR 42-500, ATR 72-600, Britten Norman Islander, Embraer 145, and Twin Otter. Loganair retired its eight Saab 340B passenger aircraft and welcomed eight ATR next-generation turboprops into operation in 2023. 

This is in line with the airline’s commitment to reducing emissions and becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2040. Also, an industry-leading Green Skies environmental initiative was introduced in mid-2021, with a contribution from each ticket purchased used to offset the flight’s carbon emissions.

The airline rewards loyal customers through its Clan Loganair loyalty program. Points earned from flight bookings can be redeemed on future flights. Loganair seeks to enhance its activities for better customer experience, by going forward with new routes, better aircraft, and more customer-centric services.

The goal of the airline is to provide cordial and professional services to its passengers on every single journey they make. With timetables to suit business and leisure travelers,

Refer to the airline website for the latest information and updates.

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