PNG Air is an airline based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG). Established in the late 1980s, PNG Air is owned by major PNG institutions and is more focused on the domestic regular passenger transport market.

Due to the rugged terrain and limited infrastructure in Papua New Guinea, air travel is essential for many communities, making airlines a vital mode of transportation, commerce, and connectivity. With its distinct colorful livery showcasing the cultural diversity of the country, PNG Air plays a significant role in the nation’s aviation sector, ensuring that even the most remote parts of PNG remain accessible.

Currently, PNG Air’s fleet comprises 10 Dash 8-100 and seven ATR 72-600 aircraft, and both aircraft types are well suited to Papua New Guinea’s diverse and challenging terrain with the ATR’s ability to operate into all the main strips in PNG with remarkable uplift capability. PNG Air’s fleet is equipped with Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning Systems (EGPWS), high-end GPS systems, and satellite tracking capabilities, to ensure the safety and efficiency of its operations.

PNG Air’s safety culture is incorporated into all its activities, aligning with the motto, “Safety First: It’s everyone’s business”. The airline received the Exxon Mobil PNG Contractor Safety Award in 2012, and it was selected as the best out of all Exxon Mobil’s contractors. Additionally, the airline goes through strict annual audits by an array of regulatory bodies and institutions such as BARS, Exxon Mobil PNG, St Barbara Mining, PNG CASA, Wood Group, and General Electric.

The airline helps travelers experience Papua New Guinea’s rich cultural diversity by allowing them access to cultural events, festivals, and traditional villages located in remote regions. PNG Air takes passengers to various parts of the country to witness lively celebrations, connect with local communities, and learn about the traditions and customs. The airline has been providing domestic flight services across the country, connecting 22 remote and challenging destinations within PNG. PNG Air operates 460 flights per week serving 24 ports in Papua New Guinea, being a pivotal point to facilitate connectivity to travelers throughout the country.

Refer to the airline website for the latest information and updates.

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