Our annual regional meetings started off with the Americas and Caribbean in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last month after a break caused by the pandemic. Equally an exercise in cohesiveness and creation of value, these are also necessary to ensure our growing global network access to resources, capabilities, products, solutions and leadership, writes Achma Asokan-Foster, CEO, AirlinePros. 
As you are aware that we started our global expansion in 2019 and shortly thereafter, we were bestowed with the pandemic! While it was disastrous for our business, it enabled us to spend some time identifying and reaching out to some old friends and colleagues from the industry to join AirlinePros as our Regional or Country Partners in different countries around the world.

Achma Asokan, Jim Foster with AirlinePros Brazil team and regional stakeholders

After almost 3 years of Teams and Zoom Calls, we just had the first physical regional meeting in Sao Paulo in Brazil over the October 23 weekend. I must say as anticipated, it got off to an enthusiastic start, as it was attended by all our stakeholders and partners in the Americas and Caribbean region as well as by the AirlinePros Senior Management team. The meeting was first of a series which will be held regionally in Johannesburg for TC2 – EMEA, and Bangkok for TC3 – APAC.
These regional meetings are intended to promote engagement and interaction, exchange, and creation of value. Equally as this is an exercise at cohesiveness, we come together to serve the growing demands of our customers, moving from a linear business model to one that is a network or an ecosystem, where we can tap into our own immense shared capabilities and talents around the world.
The benefits of a network are critical for our effectiveness, for longevity and durability. Having the AirlinePros International network being agile, dynamic and boundaryless, can ensure each of our global offices access to a whole plethora of resources, products, capabilities, and solutions to satisfy the complex needs required for global growth and market leadership. Collaboration and engagement between our global offices in creating, delivering, and capturing value will enable everyone to thrive and even overcome any curveballs that the vagaries of our environment may throw our way.

Achma Asokan-Foster

Together, we need to make AirlinePros International poised for better realization of potential, to thrive and flourish in an unbounded innovation-driven world, to be increasingly relevant to clients, design strategies that embrace a greater growth that benefits us all. We are delighted that our Americas and Caribbean partners took the time out to be in Brazil for the face-to-face meeting and we look forward to seeing everyone in EMEA and APAC before the end of the year.
Once again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to Altamiro, Rebecca and the AirlinePros Brazil team for putting together an amazing event at such short notice. Many thanks to our core management team for rising up to the occasion with great presentations for sharing with the regional partners and clarifying roles and responsibilities.