EveryMundo is a Miami-based technology company providing digital marketing software to over 90 customers globally including airlines, hotels, vacation package agents, event producers and ground transportation helping them increase their direct online sales and drive customer acquisition. Their Fare Marketing products enable airlines to communicate their lowest products to travelers and drive them to pages where they can find the best fares. This is done through launching high-performance landing pages that broadcast real time fares and deploy targeted advertisements across marketing channels. EveryMundo also empowers hotels to leverage agile technology to increase website traffic and improve conversion rates.

Seth Cassel, Co-founder, EveryMundo

At the core of each EveryMundo product the focus is to empower brands to acquire customers and deliver the best possible customer experience. Recently EveryMundo launched the EveryMundo Marketplace, a digital catalogue of over 100 marketing and ecommerce products. The Marketplace is designed to enable airlines, hotels and other travel brands to select products they can use to improve their website traffic, increase direct online bookings and decrease their reliance on third-party booking sites. It also gives developers and agencies of all sizes the opportunity to sell ecommerce tools to the world’s leading travel brands.

In this interview with AirWaves, Seth Cassel, Co-founder, EveryMundo, tells us how the EveryMundo and the Marketplace is helping airlines and hotels become future-ready by giving them access to deploy and test the latest digital applications that drive direct sales.

EveryMundo is an original product for modern businesses. How long did it take you to develop it? What were the major challenges?

Our products have been developed iteratively over a decade. A monolithic version of airTRFX was first built in 2012, but it is barely recognizable as the airTRFX we offer today. Our belief is that we need to hold ourselves to a high standard of innovation and output.

After being impacted by Covid yourself, you are now helping aviation itself take off with your products. How is the going so far?

It is going well. A silver lining of COVID has been that airlines elevated their appreciation for EveryMundo’s fare marketing systems and products, and the importance of commitment to online direct sales growth.

Your fare marketing tools banks on fares being the primary deciding factor in travel. In the post-Covid scenario, has this seen a shift?

I wouldn’t say it’s the primary deciding factor – that is in the eye of the beholder. But we strongly believe it is inarguable that if you want someone to buy something, they need to know what it costs. That has always been a challenge for airlines, and the increased volatility of fares since COVID has only increased the importance of communicating fares to customers early and often.

EveryMundo’s ‘Restart and RE-Acquire Playbook’ is a passenger (re)acquisition strategies and tactics guidebook for airlines, including predicting demand without historical data and recovery with fare marketing possibilities. How was it received? Any update on what you have laid out in the Playbook?

The Restart Playbooks have been incredibly well-received. They are tactical instruction manuals, and they demonstrate EveryMundo’s commitment to supporting our customers as they navigate the incredibly difficult path to recovery – both of which were appreciated by our airlines. I think they are the best example of how we committed ourselves to being part of the solution.

Congratulations on the recent launch of EveryMundo Marketplace. Tell us more about this product that you say will make ‘airlines and hotels future ready.’

 Thank you. Airlines, hotels, transport companies, and ticketed event businesses can now easily browse an ever-growing catalogue of systems, products, and features that can be easily deployed and used by the brand to increase online direct sales while using live, dynamic prices to do so. It’s the culmination of years of work and product vision from our Product Management team that we believe will liberate airlines from the struggles of limited internal resources and malicious technology providers that prey on their needs.

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