Country facts

Market overview

The aviation market in Belgium, a small yet strategically important country in Western Europe, exhibits a dynamic and multifaceted character. This market reflects the nation’s broader economic strengths in trade and logistics, influenced by Belgium’s geographic position at the crossroads of major European trade routes. 

Belgium’s aviation sector is anchored by its principal airports: Brussels Airport in Zaventem, which serves as the main international gateway, and Brussels South Charleroi Airport, known primarily for budget airlines and low-cost carriers. Brussels Airport stands out as a significant European hub, providing a wide range of international connections and playing a crucial role in both passenger and freight transport. Its central location in Europe, combined with efficient ground transportation links, makes it a preferred choice for travelers and businesses alike. 

Brussels Airlines, part of the Lufthansa Group, is Belgium’s largest airline and flag carrier. It plays a pivotal role in connecting the country to destinations across Europe, Africa, and North America. Known for its customer service and operational efficiency, Brussels Airlines reflects the broader focus of the Belgian aviation market on quality and connectivity. 

The aviation industry in Belgium also extends beyond passenger transport. The country is a notable player in air freight, with Brussels Airport being one of the leading cargo airports in Europe, bolstered by the presence of several major international cargo carriers and logistics companies that leverage Belgium’s strategic position for European distribution networks. 

Regulatory oversight in Belgium’s aviation market aligns with European Union standards, ensuring high levels of safety, security, and environmental compliance. The country actively participates in EU-wide initiatives and collaborates with neighboring countries to enhance regional air transport efficiency and integration.

Belgium’s aviation market represents a blend of strategic geographical positioning, commitment to quality and innovation, and a focus on both passenger and cargo services. It plays a crucial role in the broader European aviation landscape, contributing significantly to the region’s transport connectivity and economic vitality.

Linzi Barber

Regional Managing Partner, Northern Europe

Linzi Barber is a distinguished leader in the aviation industry, known for her strategic vision and unyielding commitment to excellence. She began her career with Jersey European Airways, handling various responsibilities related to airline operations, schedule planning, sales and marketing. She was instrumental in expanding the airline’s reach to new markets and increasing revenue through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

It grew to become Flybe, the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Linzi’s expertise in sales strategy and her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with trade partners and clients has been key to her success. She was a driving force in the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that the airline remained a preferred choice for the UK travel trade. She soon gained a reputation for her ability to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and build strong teams.

In her current role, Linzi has been instrumental in driving growth, overseeing a team of aviation professionals, and fostering strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. She is credited with the implementation of innovative techniques that have led to a significant increase in revenue and client satisfaction. She serves on the board of the Association of Women Travel Executives and is passionate about mentorship, actively supporting initiatives aimed at fostering the development of young professionals in the aviation industry.

Hélène Cornet

Managing Director

Hélène Cornet is an accomplished and visionary leader who currently serves as the Managing Director for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions at AirlinePros Western Europe. With an impressive track record in the aviation and hospitality industries, she has amassed over two decades of experience working with major airlines, hotels, hospitality chains, travel agents, tour operators, and cruise lines. Hélène’s invaluable expertise and strategic vision have contributed to the rapid growth and commercial success of the clients represented by her.

With her dedication and forward-thinking approach, Hélène excels at fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders and creating winning partnerships. She has partnered with numerous hotel chains and hospitality groups to come up with and implement growth strategies, boost sales, and enhance the customer experience. Her keen eye for identifying key market trends and opportunities has consistently translated into increased profitability for these organizations.

Hélène’s fluency in multiple languages and her global outlook have made her an invaluable asset to the clients she now represents. Continuing to demonstrate her unwavering commitment to the aviation industry, her passion, expertise and leadership have helped clients achieve remarkable success in a highly competitive market. Under her guidance, clients have been able to expand their reach and offer innovative solutions to customers, further cementing their positions as global and regional leaders in the aviation industry.