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Market overview

The aviation market in Ireland is a dynamic and influential sector, renowned for its significant contribution to the global aviation industry. Ireland’s strategic geographical location, as a gateway between Europe and North America, plays a pivotal role in its aviation success. The country has a rich aviation history and is recognized for its strong regulatory framework, which has helped establish it as a hub for several leading airlines, aircraft leasing companies, and aviation services.

At the heart of Ireland’s aviation industry is its flagship carrier, Aer Lingus, which has been instrumental in shaping the country’s aviation landscape. Aer Lingus, along with several other domestic and international airlines, offers extensive connectivity, linking Ireland to major cities around the world. This connectivity is crucial for Ireland’s tourism and trade, making the aviation sector a key driver of the national economy.

The aircraft leasing industry is another cornerstone of Ireland’s aviation market. The country is a global leader in this sector, with the majority of the world’s leased aircraft being managed through Irish-based companies. This dominance in aircraft leasing is attributed to favorable tax structures, a skilled workforce, and a well-established legal framework for aviation financing and leasing.

Ireland is also notable for its aviation services, including maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations, aviation training, and the presence of numerous aerospace companies. These services not only cater to the domestic market but also attract global clients, thus further bolstering Ireland’s position in the international aviation industry.

Furthermore, Ireland’s aviation authorities and institutions play a significant role in promoting safety, innovation, and sustainability within the industry. Continuous investment in airport infrastructure, coupled with a focus on adopting environmentally sustainable practices, reflects Ireland’s commitment to advancing its aviation sector while being mindful of global challenges such as climate change.

The Irish aviation market is a multifaceted and influential sector, distinguished by its strong airline services, leading position in aircraft leasing, and comprehensive aviation services. Its strategic geographic location, combined with a supportive regulatory and business environment, continues to propel Ireland as a significant player in the global aviation arena.


Linzi Barber

Managing Director, Northern Europe

Linzi Barber is a distinguished leader in the aviation industry, known for her strategic vision and unyielding commitment to excellence. She began her career with Jersey European Airways, handling various responsibilities related to airline operations, schedule planning, sales and marketing. She was instrumental in expanding the airline’s reach to new markets and increasing revenue through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

It grew to become Flybe, the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Linzi’s expertise in sales strategy and her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with trade partners and clients has been key to her success. She was a driving force in the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that the airline remained a preferred choice for the UK travel trade. She soon gained a reputation for her ability to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and build strong teams.

In her current role, Linzi has been instrumental in driving growth, overseeing a team of aviation professionals, and fostering strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. She is credited with the implementation of innovative techniques that have led to a significant increase in revenue and client satisfaction. She serves on the board of the Association of Women Travel Executives and is passionate about mentorship, actively supporting initiatives aimed at fostering the development of young professionals in the aviation industry.