Country facts

Market overview

The aviation market in Sweden is a vital component of the country’s transport infrastructure, reflecting Sweden’s strong commitment to connectivity, technological innovation, and environmental sustainability. Situated in Northern Europe, Sweden’s aviation industry plays a crucial role in bridging the geographical distances within the country, as well as connecting Sweden to the global community. 

Central to Sweden’s aviation sector is its network of airports, with Stockholm Arlanda Airport being the largest and most significant. This airport, along with others like Gothenburg Landvetter and Malmö Airport, serves as key nodes in facilitating both domestic and international travel. These airports are known for their efficiency, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strong focus on customer experience, making air travel in Sweden both convenient and pleasant. 

Sweden’s flagship carrier, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), is a major player in the market, offering a wide array of domestic and international flights. SAS, along with other domestic and international airlines, ensures a comprehensive service coverage, thereby enhancing Sweden’s connectivity with major cities around the world. This is particularly significant given Sweden’s relatively remote location in Northern Europe and the need for efficient global linkages for business and tourism. 

In addition to commercial passenger services, the aviation sector in Sweden encompasses cargo transport, general aviation, and a range of specialized services such as air ambulance, aerial surveys and photography, as well as flight training.

The Swedish aviation market is an integral part of the country’s transportation system, characterized by its focus on efficiency, technological advancement, and a pioneering approach to environmental sustainability. With its well-developed airport infrastructure, strong airline network, and commitment to green practices, Sweden’s aviation industry is well-positioned to face the challenges of the future while maintaining its vital role in connecting the country both domestically and internationally. 

Linzi Barber

Regional Managing Partner, Northern Europe

Linzi Barber is a distinguished leader in the aviation industry, known for her strategic vision and unyielding commitment to excellence. She began her career with Jersey European Airways, handling various responsibilities related to airline operations, schedule planning, sales and marketing. She was instrumental in expanding the airline’s reach to new markets and increasing revenue through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

It grew to become Flybe, the largest independent regional airline in Europe. Linzi’s expertise in sales strategy and her ability to build and maintain strong relationships with trade partners and clients has been key to her success. She was a driving force in the airline’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that the airline remained a preferred choice for the UK travel trade. She soon gained a reputation for her ability to streamline processes, enhance operational efficiency, and build strong teams.

In her current role, Linzi has been instrumental in driving growth, overseeing a team of aviation professionals, and fostering strategic partnerships with key stakeholders. She is credited with the implementation of innovative techniques that have led to a significant increase in revenue and client satisfaction. She serves on the board of the Association of Women Travel Executives and is passionate about mentorship, actively supporting initiatives aimed at fostering the development of young professionals in the aviation industry.