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AirlinePros International Assembly, AIA, set to take off in Dubai today.

AirlinePros International Assembly starting in Dubai today.

As passenger levels touched or exceeded pre-pandemic levels and aviation continued to soar, AirlinePros International celebrates another good year for the industry with the AIA – AirlinePros International Assembly. Poised to be a benchmark event for the global aviation and travel industries, AIA, at Fairmont, The Palm Dubai, will bring together movers and shakers of the aviation industry who will engage with AirlinePros International teams from nearly 60 locations around the world.

“AIA is a landmark conference where we bring together leaders and our partners from the aviation and travel industries to share their knowledge and learning with our global teams and other stakeholders,” said Achma Asokan, Group CEO, AirlinePros International. “This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the newest trends and developments that drive the industry as we know of today and shape the future.”

With 2024 poised to be a pivotal year for robust recovery in global passenger traffic, AIA will showcase newest technologies and trends that will shape global aviation as well as analyze challenges facing the industry. Strategic adaptations, and promising projections by the sector all points to the skies gearing up for a stronger, resilient, resurgence. Industry partners of AirlinePros like ARC, IATA, UNWTO, Dohop, EveryMundo, Plusgrade, and other sector leaders will be presenting engaging insights, perspectives on innovation and new partnerships and possibilities.

At this premier aviation event, AirlinePros International will also be introducing new projects and initiatives which will be a gamechanger in the aviation landscape.

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