Eswatini Air, the National Carrier of the Kingdom of Eswatini, which is scheduled to start mid 2022 has announced AirlinePros as their General Sales Agent for South Africa and Zimbabwe. The recently unveiled slogan, ‘Everyone must fly’ reinstates the airline’s commitment towards making air travel and services affordable. Operations are slated to kickstart with Embraer ERJ 145 aircrafts – and the initial planned routes will cover direct and non-direct flights linking Eswatini to Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and Harare. The new airline is also expected to give a much-needed boost to the country’s economic growth.

“Not only will this facilitate trade and tourism development in the country but will also go a long way in creating job opportunities,” said Captain President Qiniso Dhlamini, Chief Executive Officer of Royal Eswatini National Airways Corporate trading as Eswatini Air. “This is our earnest endeavor to make flying accessible to everyone as well as to make our country attractive to foreign investment. In this we are fortunate to have the services of AirlinePros, one of the most reputed organizations in airline representation,” he added.

Eswatini – a marvel of vales and mountains

The Kingdom of Eswatini on the eastern side of the Republic of South Africa is a marvel of rolling hills, vales, the oldest mountains, and lush green making it a much sought-after destination for travelers. “We are really proud to be associated with the land often called the ‘Switzerland of Africa’,” said Achma Asokan, CEO, AirlinePros. “To begin with, we will be representing Eswatini Air in South Africa and Zimbabwe and also help it grow across all relevant markets globally as well.”

The new airline will be bringing about development on an unprecedented scale into the country and will be a robust foreign exchange earner. Maryvonne Palanduz, Regional Managing Partner, AirlinePros, said she was excited to be a part of history that was being made. “The country is going to fly high like the eagle in their logo and we at AirlinePros are really excited to facilitate that.”

About Eswatini

Air Eswatini Air is the new trading name of the Royal Eswatini National Airways Corporation (RENAC)’s regional airline product. The logo, consisting of the bateleur eagle, locally called the ‘ingculungculu’ is one of Africa’s most majestic birds, famous for its tenacity and acrobatic displays. Scheduled operations will take off around the middle of the year with two aircrafts. The aim of the airlines is to make flying accessible to everyone as signified in the newly unveiled slogan ‘Everyone must fly.’

About AirlinePros

AirlinePros International is an award-winning leader and a trusted choice in airline representation, distribution, and commercial solutions. With a collective experience of over half a millennium, we facilitate airlines access new markets and support their sales and distribution. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the industry to include besides airlines, airports, travel service providers, aviation regulatory bodies and associated industry facilitators. Backed by a culture of integrity, passion, true dedication, and quality partnerships, we ensure the success of our over 60 – and counting – airline partners from more than 40 global offices.

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