PNG Air has announced the appointment of AirlinePros Central Europe UG as their GSA in Germany. This is the fourth country announced this year by the Port Moresby-based carrier after Australia, New Zealand and the UK. AirlinePros will provide customers a whole new range of services including sales and marketing, promotional activities, targeted advertising, public relations and customer service.

“Our association with AirlinePros began early this year with Australia,” said Simon C. Pitt, Commercial Director, PNG Air. “Around mid-year we expanded this to include the UK and New Zealand. Subsequently as air traffic post-COVID started to grow, we decided to tap into the lucrative European market by adding Germany. We are glad to have a leading global GSA like AirlinePros providing us with their expertise and support.”

“After PNG Air’s successful foray into the UK, this is a reinstatement that Europe is an important market for the airline,” said Achma Asokan Foster, CEO, AirlinePros International. “What we love about PNG Air is that it has always been a ‘people first’ airline dedicated to the service of the nation of Papua New Guinea. PNG Air with its foray into new markets is vital for the commercial development of the region by bringing traffic. We are glad to be able to continue our work for the airline by building a strong profile and promoting its fleet, services, routes and destinations in an important market like Germany.”

Beginning in 1987 as Milne Bay Airline, PNG Air is also celebrating a successful 35-year journey of commitment to serve the nation of Papua New Guinea and its people and customers. Proudly hailing from a land of a thousand tribes and cultures, the airline connects travelers to over 22 destinations on the widest domestic network. PNG Air also has the country’s youngest fleet of aircraft which ensures reliability for its passengers and commitment to the environment.

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About PNG Air 

PNG Air is a domestic airline servicing over 22 destinations across Papua New Guinea and the region. Flying the country’s youngest fleet of aircraft, the airline operates Regular Passenger Transportation (RPT), Charters and Cargo Services, connecting people across the ‘land of a thousand tribes and cultures.’ Connect today over and experience Papua New Guinea with the people’s airline.

About AirlinePros 

AirlinePros is an award-winning global provider of Representation, Distribution and Commercial Solutions for the aviation and tourism industry. Founded and managed by airline professionals, our ethos is to partner with professionals who share our principles in order to provide unparalleled value for our clients throughout our international network. Our diverse management team has over five centuries of collective aviation and travel industry experience.