AirlinePros International opens AirlinePros Middle East LLC with AMH Tourism

buthaina ahmed khoory

Achma Asokan, AirlinePros, with Buthaina and Muna Khoory, AMH Tourism

AirlinePros International, a leading US-based award-winning aviation services company providing commercial solutions for the aviation and tourism industries, has established a joint venture company, AirlinePros Middle East LLC., in the UAE in conjunction with AMH Tourism, Dubai. AMH Tourism, part of the AMH Group, is a full-fledged, multi-service company, with varied business interests including aviation and tourism.

AirlinePros Middle East LLC is managed by Mr. Rajesh Krishnan and includes both Points of Sale: Qatar and Oman. Mr Balaji Ramgopal is the Business Development Director for the region.

“The Joint Venture with AMH Tourism in the UAE is a major milestone for AirlinePros in our global expansion efforts as it is the first country in the Middle East, where we now have the capability to provide our services to our global clients,” said Achma Asokan Foster, Group CEO, AirlinePros International. “Having the Middle East’s mega-successful airlines like Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways in our backyard is the perfect conduit to taking travelers from the Gulf region to most parts of the world and providing feeder traffic to the smaller regional and domestic carriers. With Dubai being at the crossroads of the world and the phenomenal growth of the city and the country, we look forward to a successful venture.”

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“The collaboration between AirlinePros Inc. and AMH Tourism is indeed a significant milestone whereby we can leverage our respective strengths to create synergies that will drive growth and innovation and contribute to the development of aviation and tourism in Dubai,” said Buthaina Ahmed Khoory, CEO, AMH Tourism. “We enjoy strong relationships with the leading hospitality and travel players in the region which will enhance the offering to the global airlines and tourism organizations, who want representation in the Middle East.”

The Middle East is high on the list of cultural diversity and affluence. It has emerged as a connection point for international flights and a popular destination for business and leisure travelers. The aviation industry, including airport operations, airlines and aviation support services, is poised to grow substantially over the coming years.

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About AMH Tourism, Dubai

Set up with a vision to create lifelong memories in the travel space, AMH Tourism provides a comprehensive range of solutions that make travel hassle-free and enjoyable. From accommodations and transportation to activities, the one-stop-shop approach ensures that all travel needs are taken care of in one place. The team of experienced professionals is committed to providing unparalleled customer service, with personalized recommendations, 24/7 support, and up-to-date travel information and alerts. Part of the Dubai-based AMH Group, AMH Tourism is a full-fledged organization with varied interests from real estate development to education, consultancies, semi-government projects, food, beverage, and agriculture.

About AirlinePros International

AirlinePros International is an award-winning leader and a trusted choice in airline representation, distribution, and commercial solutions. With over 60 global points of sale and a collective aviation experience of over half a millennium, we facilitate airlines’ access to new markets and support their sales and distribution. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the industry including airlines, airports, travel service providers, aviation regulatory bodies, and associated industry facilitators. Backed by a culture of integrity, passion, true dedication, and quality partnerships, we ensure the success of our over 70 airline and travel partners worldwide.